Terms of Service

As the customer, you are responsible for maintaining safe access into and out of the yard – if we are unable to clean due to access, you will not be charged for a ‘first offence, but our full fee will apply to subsequent incidents; you must notify us immediately of any changes in the number of dogs, and prompt payment of balances due is required.

Inclement weather may make it hazardous or impossible to make a scheduled cleanup. In this event, we will be responsible for servicing your yard as soon as possible. If we are unable to make-up that particular cleanup, a charge of only 1.5x of your regular fee will apply at your next scheduled weekly appointment due to the additional waste and time required during the next cleanup.

Sorry, we do not accept cheques at this time.

If for any reason your dog(s) will not be using the yard for a certain period (i.e. vacation, illness, etc.) and you do not wish to be charged for an unnecessary visit(s), please call at least 2 days in advance to suspend service.

That Dog Company assumes no liabilities for damages to yards, gates, pets or other properties.

Fees and Promotions are subject to change at any time. In this rare circumstance, you will be notified at least four (4) weeks prior to any changes.

Either party may terminate service (in writing) at any time.

By initiating service, both parties agree to the above terms and responsibilities.

Company Information
Name: That Dog Company
Phone: (416)272-9587
33 Strathy Rd
Ajax, ON L1S 2V2
President: Justin McLeod
Media Biographies: Ami