heartLove Your Dog

but Hate the Mess?

Dog Waste Removal & Sanitizing Service 

heartLove Your Dog

but Hate the Mess?

Dog Waste Removal & Sanitizing Service 

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We love dogs, just like you.

From cleaning up after them to ensuring that all dogs have a forever home, That Dog Company is dedicated to our furry best friends. This is why That Dog Company has mandated that our profits will be donated to local shelters and dog rescue organizations. Because Every Dog Deserves a Home.

Protecting your Dog & Family

What’s in your yard?

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Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

  • Dog waste in the yard isn’t safe for anyone. Dangerous bacteria, pathogens & germs can be brought inside the house on paws & feet.
  • One tiny gram of dog poop can contain up to 23 million fecal coliform bacteria.
  • Our regularly scheduled service takes all the worry & hassle away, giving you peace of mind that your dog & family stay safe.

Your Lawn Will Be Clean and Safe

  • We scoop the poop so you don’t have to.  Our professional team members sanitize their tools after each house.
  • After clearing the area of waste we use Ez-Clean Bioenzyme Concentrate Cleaner on your yard or dog run.
  • This highly effective disinfecting spray is a blend of microbes & enzymes that quickly eliminates odor & rapidly breaks down dog waste residues plus other organic substances on your lawn
  • The spray is safe and others use it for tough stains on laundry or bathroom surface cleaning.
  • The area will be left wet, but it is safe to the touch so it is ready for immediate use after we are through.

Environmentally Friendly

That’s right! We’re also helping the environment by diverting all the waste from landfills.

We are participating in a project that converts the waste into a biomass energy.

How cool is that!

“I have tried other “pooper scooper” services before, but I wasn’t expecting the level of service you provide. My yard has never looked so good!”

Brian L.

Pickering, ON

“Wow! I have 2 big mastiffs & had one big mess I didn’t want to face. One call they had someone out in 2 days & my problem was gone. Definitely recommend to anyone with dogs.”

Jeremy C.

Ajax, ON

Having young children & a dog, I used to worry about them playing in the yard where the dog goes. Now, thanks to That Dog Company’s great service, I know my yard is safe for my kids & my dog.”

Amber B.

Uxbridge, ON


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