About Us

We Scoop the Poop!

So you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

The idea for That Dog Company came to us when a neighbour was temporarily laid up, and we took care of picking up after his dog for him. When he was able to get back to doing the job himself again, he said, “You know, I’d gladly pay someone to keep doing the job for me.” At that moment That Dog Company was born.

We, the owners of That Dog Company love dogs. We have always adopted rescue dogs and we know the valuable work that the local animal dog rescue organizations are doing. So, in starting our business we knew we wanted to support those municipal (or change “those municipal” to “local Human Society”) shelters and rescue groups that help dogs find their forever homes.

Meet Justin

Tired of the Banking and Corporate world, I was looking for something new and different. So, I started thinking about starting my own business and because I love dogs, I knew wanted to be in a business that would help other dog owners and their dogs!

As an extension to helping with the cleanup for dog owners, we knew we wanted to give back and help as many dogs as we could find their forever homes. Dogs give us so much unconditional love and are the best companions. So, we decided to donate 25% of our profits to local shelter and rescue organizations so we can help dogs find a good and happy home!

Our goal is to add more dog services as we grow to include a premier dog ‘walking’ service that will take dogs on hikes vs. a leash walk around the neighbourhood; a doggie ‘daycare’ that goes far beyond the current models out there; and dog boarding – utilizing a different approach to boarding dogs by providing constant human supervision and companionship in an environment identical to a home instead of cold, impersonal kennels.

You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.

W. Bruce Cameron