When should I book?

Right now! We suggest you book early especially during our busy Spring season.

Once the snow is gone & your yard is ready, so are we! Call or text us & we’ll have our service professional at your house within 3 days.

How do I book your services?

You can book through our website, emailing: info@thatdogcompany.com,  or by calling us at 416-272-9587

What forms of payment do you take? How do I pay?
As we are a completely contactless service. We accept VISA and MasterCard through our secure credit card servicer provider, as well as Interac e-transfers. Cash payments are accepted as well, arrangements for which can be made by calling That Dog Company.
Do I have to be home?
No, absolutely not. Our service is typically completed while you’re at work. Our service professionals work from 8am to 8pm (or until dark in winter)
Do you call prior to coming?

We will call the day before. Upon arrival, our service professional will knock or ring the bell prior to beginning work.

What do you do with the waste?

We take it with us.  We are working with partners to convert all the dog waste into a biomass energy.

Does it matter how big my yard is?

Not really, our prices are based upon many factors, yard size is only one variable. Our pricing is generally based on the number of dogs you have. However, for larger yards or acreages, it is advisable to let us know as a specific quote may be required.

What about the safety of my dogs & yard?

That Dog Company has a great responsibility to ensure the safety & security of the families we serve. Our service professionals will make sure your yard is fully secured & the gate is latched (locked if applicable) upon leaving.

Can my dog(s) be outside?

Having a stranger in the yard may be stressful for your dog, causing nervousness/surprise or aggression.

We love dogs but for their safety & ours, we respectfully request that they be kept indoors. 

Is my yard safe to use after you spray?

Yes, absolutely! You can start enjoying your yard immediately after our service is finished. It’s perfectly safe for your family & dog!

What are your Terms of Service?

Our Terms of Service can be found here.

Why donate to dog charities?

The simple answer is that we are not only dog lovers, but also lifelong owners of rescued dogs. Having received so much from our dogs, we wanted to give back because we believe every dog deserves a home. The charitable aspect is what came first, with the actual business idea being a means to that end.

Which are the charities you support?

Our most recent recipients have been the Humane Society of Durham Region, Cause 4 Paws Toronto, and Flights for Hope. As a local business, we like to donate locally. So, if you have a dog rescue group you have used and would like to recommend us donate to them, please let us know and we’ll add them to our list.

Do you have dogs in your family?
Yes. We currently have three 30 kg mixed breed dogs: One brought to the GTA from a kill shelter in Kentucky via a breed-specific rescue (Catahoula Rescue Ontario), and the other 2 were strays/street dogs from Athens, Greece, brought to Toronto by Cause 4 Paws Toronto.
What is the best part about helping animals?

Have you ever seen a dog or a video of a shelter or street dog that has been saved from a terrible situation or life, and then watched their transformation from a sick, terrified, or utterly defeated animal into a bounding, rambunctious, happy, affectionate companion that knows the ordeal is over? Rescue dogs are so appreciative when they find a happy home and a happy life that they pay back their new families a hundred times over. But it’s not just the dogs. Watch and listen to the people as well. Their lives are better, happier, more joyous, more complete when they find a dog that completes their family. That feeling you get is why. Helping to save a dog – and they are saved or rescued – from a horrible existence into a joyous one brings me joy and happiness as well.

What have been the benefits of having a dog for you?

I suffer from depression, which admittedly is difficult to do with dogs around. Dogs, like wolves, are extremely adept at reading body language and subtleties about what other wolves, dogs, or how people are feeling or thinking. Aside from the emotional support, friendship, and companionship they provide – they know when you’re down – there’s the physical element, too. Dogs need to be walked or exercised, and there are days when I don’t want to, or feel that I can’t go out. And there have been days when we’re leaving the house that I’ve thought, “I hate you for making me do this.” However, once we’re out it usually doesn’t take long for my mood to brighten, and I then say, “I love you for making me do this.” – Justin McLeod, owner That Dog Co. 

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.

Orhan Pamuk